“Massage therapy has helped me to make a come back downhill bike racing from a very serious back injury. I am now back on my bike and flying down hills at break neck speeds. i can train and race now with no pain. I would not be where I am now without Squamish Therapeutics.”

— Lauren Rosser, Provincial team mountain bike

“I have been a client of Megan’s for over 2 years. I started seeing her when I had pain during pregnancy with my first child as he was turned the wrong way in utero. I got so much pain relief from the massages. Megan also gave me tips for yoga poses and body positions to relieve pain between massages. I continued to see Megan, and during my second pregnancy I was going multiple times a week for massages as it was the only therapy that brought pain relief for my lower back and hips. I love her customized care and thorough knowledge of massage techniques to ease pain and tension. I can’t thank her enough for pain relief when nothing else helped! My whole family recommends Megan as she made me a happier mama!”

— Kate O’Connor, RN

“My cycling career was put on hold following a knee surgury in June 2008. The surgury, intended to benefit me, was complicated by heavy bleeding into the joint capsule. The excessive bleeding resulted in adhesions and scar tissue that left me sidelined for nearly three years. After countless visits to various specialists throughout Canada and the USA it was the simplicity and undeniable benefits of massage therapy that would see me back into the world of competitive cycling.

Squamish Therapeutics continues to provide groundbreaking research outlining the numerous medical benefits of massage therapy. I am elated to be a walking testament to the benefits of massage therapy. The confidence and alacrity that the therapists bring to the table are as important, for me, as the physical treatments.”

— Neal Kindree, Professional Mountain Biker

“Megan is a great therapist and was a fantastic resource for me during my pregnancy! She is very knowledgeable about prenatal massage and helped to relieve the many ‘new’ aches and pains I was experiencing. She also gave me lots of great tips on exercise and stretches I should be doing as a new mum. I have been seeing Megan for a few years now, and she is one of many great therapists at Squamish Massage.”

— Gillian – new mum

“Thanks again Megan, I’m always impressed how well you analyze my body each visit, to determine what is actually going on. I like how you describe in detail what you are finding and how it affects the rest of my body. I now have a good understanding of my problems and a clear vision of what I need to do to fix them. I’ve never had such immediate and lasting benefits from a massage before. You do fantastic work.”

— Mark H.

“Megan, thanks so much for your help and wisdom over the years – with my back, my pregnancy and now with Teslin. I think you are an amazing practitioner and an inspirational person – thank you for that.”


“Megan, you have helped me gain back my confidence in my shoulder and helped me get back to the things I love to do! I am actually amazed at how quickly the time went. I am happy to have you as part of my recovery process.”

— Anna Turyk, RN

Dear Wonderful Jessica, I am very thankful for your talent and knowledge of how to repair our sometimes abused bodies, when I need to see you for an treatment I have always felt that you were able to locate the cause of my problem and with success treat it. I feel very lucky to have you as my therapist.”

— Paul D

I have found Jessica to be the best massage therapist in Squamish. She’s been very adaptable to my changing needs and suggests complimentary actions to aid in recovery. Her calming energy tops off the experience!”

— Christine S.

“Jessica is a wonderful massage therapist. She is prepared for every session. Having identified what extras make that client feel better both physically and psychologically, her set up assures these are in place. These include heating the massage table, using heating pads and reminders to take off necklaces. Jessica has strong fingers and hands which can provide a wide range of touch from a gentle squeeze and rub to a deep, sustained compression. As a person who lives with chronic muscle spasms I’ve learned that treatment can both hurt and feel good at the same time. Jessica is very good at helping her client find their balance with this. What I appreciate most about Jessica is that she is comfortable with the knowledge that some client’s conditions are degenerative and therefore will not get better. Jessica’s focus is on the positive of what we can do now to make you more comfortable. All together a wholistic approach to caring for clients.”

— K. G.

“Massage therapy with Jessica heals my body and calms my mind. In a word “Nirvana”.
Thank you for your dedication and professionalism.”

— D.W.

“My only regret is that I did not start a consistent routine of regular visits to Jessica at Squamish Therapeutics sooner. Migraines are now a rarity and shoulder and back pain have been significantly reduced. Personal and professional excellent client service delivery at each and every visit!”

— K.H.

“The massage therapy that I received helped me regain 100% shoulder and arm mobility following a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Massage therapy is now a part of my ongoing care plan to prevent any potential lymphoma related to this surgery. Thank you so much Squamish Therapeutic for helping me enhance my active lifestyle through your expertise and thoughtful care.” — Anonymous

“Acupuncture has helped my Bell’s Palsy significantly. I also find the treatment itself incredibly enjoyable and deeply relaxing.”

— J.T.

“I have to say my body has truly taken some hits over the years. My parents have seen and heard it all, these are the joys though when sports such as BMX, motocross and down hill mountain biking fill your every moment. With a few surgeries here and there I must say I’ve kept my body physically strong and flexible and in a well fueled state. This past five years I have to honestly praise Susan and the Squamish Therapeutic Massage team, with my season and what I ask of my body year after year these heartfelt very knowledgeable professional people really do keep me moving forward and able to offer what I continue to offer. Last season alone I spent everyday on a bike coaching for 7months, fortunately this is my passion and even on my own rest days a slow steady road ride or perhaps a pump track session with friends was in order. I love what I do and feel more than privileged to work with so many amazing people. Susan and the team my heart felt thank you’s and praises will always flood your way. You’re all so in tune with the mind, body and soul. This is hugely beneficial to any person that is genuinely concerned about performance and/or removing aches and pains from the body so you can really carry on living to your fullest potential!”

— Mark Bunyan, Coach of BC Cycling Mountain Bike Team

“I just wanted to give a quick bit of feedback for Diana Mauriks. Two Saturdays ago now, she gave me the most amazing and effective massage. I usually see her for a chronic neck/rib thing, but came in this time with acute issues on top of that. She absolutely treated the problem and gave me a HUGE amount of relief, restored the ROM to my neck, and left me feeling blissful. I just wanted to make sure she knew she did such an amazing job!”

— H.H.