The end of the year is a great time to look back and reflect on what we have learned, accomplished and even just survived. This year especially has been one like no other. We asked our practitioners 5 questions about 2020. These our Natalie Yu's responses. Natalie is a Registered Acupuncturist and owner of Shift Wellness.

What do you think was the biggest personal obstacle you had to overcome this year? How did you prevail?

My biggest personal obstacle in 2020 was being pregnant and having my baby in July, while also pivoting my business to adapt to all the changes that 2020 brought. I am ever so grateful for my team at SHIFT for continuing to adapt and support each other. I want to say an extra special thank you to Jane, our clinic manager for being everyone’s rock. Natasha and Mayson, or receptionists, thank you for adapting with the extra workload that covid required.

How did COVID affect your business/career? How did you adapt? How is it different now (if at all)?

COVID changed our business as health providers, but perhaps some of the changes are for the better. We were all required to adapt new clinic protocols for any interaction between clients and practitioners. We also learned to pivot and offer additional telemedicine services; all while figuring how to continue to keep the doors open.

In our business, time is money. Covid has required each practitioner to allocate between 25-40% of their time to extra deep cleaning of treatment and facility spaces to keep everyone as safe as possible. Though our doors remain open, and our clinic hours remain bustling, practitioners and clinic owners continue to struggle daily with loss of income.

Personally, as a new mother, life has changed dramatically. I have continued to support the clinic from my home in between naps and feeds, luckily, with the support of my husband. With both of us home with our baby girl, we are grateful for the extended quality time together as a family, though, we do wish we were able to share these moments with our loved ones. We look forward to times when we are able to do so.

What are you grateful for that happened this year?

Natalie Yu and adorable daughter, JaydenI am also thankful for the support from my business coach Mike Skrypnek, his assistance has been invaluable.

I also want to thank my husband, my mom, Roots Midwives, Kimberley Daniels, and my local community of friends and neighbours for their support this year. It truly does take a community. Without those who hold you up in times of need, we never have a chance to thrive. Thank you all for supporting me during these adverse times.

I am grateful for my beautiful healthy baby girl, and the extra quality time my husband and I can spend with her isolated in our home together. I am grateful for family and friends to adapt, where we may not be able to see each other in person, we continue to connect over video chats. With both our families living out of province, it has been a struggle for family to not hold our baby girl.

I am grateful to live in Squamish, where, we can leave our house and go for a walk or bike ride or cross country ski safely distanced.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

I am most looking forward to hugging my family and friends, and for them to snuggle my baby girl. I am most looking forward to the freedom of being able to travel to our families in Alberta and Ontario.

I am also looking forward to supporting my patients in clinic again one day.