Dr Kaylee meeting with a patientIntramuscular (IM) vitamin injections are a quick and easy way to give yourself a boost of essential vitmains that will leave you feeling energized and balanced. Vitamins that are injected in this way have a nearly 100% absorption rate which is far better than oral supplementation. In addition, vitamin injections are a great option in cases where the liver or digestive function is impaired. The most common vitamin injection is B12, an essential nutrient for the overall functionality of the body. We also offer Multivitamin Boosters, Glutathione (powerful liver antioxidant) and Botox. These injections are expertly administered by Dr. Kaylee Driedger.

Injection Menu

B12 - $35

Combo Boosters - $45

  • Adrenal Boost B9/B12
  • Nausea B6/B12
  • Mood Vit D/B12
  • Weight Loss MIC
  • Energy B Complex/B12

Glutathione Push - $50-$75

Botox - $11/unit