The discovery of Chinese Medicine came to me on suggestion from a dear friend because of a health issue that would not abate even with the help of conventional medicine. This in itself caused a great deal of frustration and began to take a toll on my emotional well being.
After a few Acupuncture sessions and by taking Chinese Herbs prescribed to me by my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner together with some dietary changes, I regained my optimal health.
I became very fascinated with my new discovery of TCM and realized that I wanted to know more!
Which brought me to enrolling in the 4 year TCM Practitioner  program at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver meeting all requirements to successfully complete licensing exams.
I am currently registered within BC in good standing with our college board, CTCMA.
I feel deeply passionate and naturally motivated by Chinese Medicine because it just makes sense!
As a 'whole' person, many factors affect our health including environment, our diet; what we put into our body, exercise, emotions, how we handle stress, our genetic background, body constitution, mentality, spirituality, interactions with family, friends, and our community.


TCM regards well-being as a dynamic balance between our internal and external forces.  Imbalance may cause disharmony in our system possibly leading to disease, if not corrected. The goal of TCM is to maintain balance and harmony. TCM taps into our innate healing abilities by means of Acupuncture and Herbs, assisting us back into a state of dynamic balance resulting in our optimal level of well-being.
I am an active coastal mountain woman native to the West Coast of BC who is an avid snowboarder, motorcyclist, hiker, scuba diver, art enthusiast, foodie, fire dancer, and world traveller. I practise yoga and meditation which helps to balance my busy lifestyle and I thrive on nurturing my loving relationships with family, friends, furry companions and the environment! My multifaceted life has lead me to supporting people who suffer from trauma and addiction. A role that comes from the heart and met with utmost compassion.
I made Squamish my home in 2006, and I thrive in this community of abundance and nature.